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Quality Soils

Established in 1978, SUNLAND LANDSCAPE INC. is a premier supplier of quality soil for residential and commercial landscaping projects in York Region. Whether you're revamping your flower beds or landscaping your entire yard, we can help you choose the right materials for a successful garden!

The Importance of High-Quality Garden Soils

It is often said that a garden is a reflection of the quality of its soil! After all, soil provides your lawn and plants with the food, nutrients, water and support they need to flourish.

At SUNLAND LANDSCAPE INC. we can help you create the perfect environment for a beautiful yard with quality garden soils, including:

  • Topsoil
  • Triple mix
  • And bulk soil

Our inventory also includes mulch, sand, sod and other gardening supplies. 

If there’s a key to a successful garden, it’s good soil


Topsoil Newmarket

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Topsoil Markham

Excellent Customer Service

Established in 1978, SUNLAND LANDSCAPE INC. has 4 decades of experience in supplying quality garden soils with the perfect mixture of minerals, air, organic matter and organisms for healthy plant growth. Let us show you that there is more to good soil than just dirt!

If your soil isn’t right, your garden will struggle to reach its full potential. We also stock bulk soils, perfect for filling raised beds.

Flourishing gardens begin at the roots


What Sets Us Apart?

40 years of experience
Quality garden supplies
Knowledgeable and friendly team
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We began as a family business and continue that legacy to this day.