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Stone Walls

 Are you looking to add an elegant enclosure to your yard? Contact SUNLAND LANDSCAPE INC. for stone wall ideas tailored to the architecture of your outdoor space!

Stone Walls 101

A stone wall can create a barrier while looking stylish at the same time. At SUNLAND LANDSCAPE INC., we have years of experience in providing quality materials for garden walls.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in the field of landscape design. Whether you're looking to embellish part of your outdoor space or give your yard a complete makeover, we have you covered. 

We provide a one stop shop for landscaping supplies, including pavers and stepping stones.

A stone wall can be a beautiful asset to your landscape


Stone Walls Newmarket

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Stone Walls Markham

Our Services

Building a stone wall requires research, planning and patience. The first decision is choosing whether you want a "dry-laid" or mortared wall.

Then, of course, whichever type of wall you choose to build, the stone selection is crucial to the beauty and functionality of your wall. This is where we can help!

Count on our experienced team to help you choose the right stone for your project based on availability, the location of your wall and your preferences.

We can tailor our services to your needs


Our mission:

To source quality garden materials
To offer durable products
To meet client requirements
To maintain our excellent reputation in the business

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We began as a family business and continue that legacy to this day.